flat scenario – recording studio & audio lab

Sound Chic Like Those Lazy Italians

Vintage is for contemporary people.

FlatScenario is where Indie labels and timeless musicians come
together and produce music, as it happened in the Golden Era.

Born in the land of Binson and Steelphon, we are the craftsmen of the DAW.
We know how turn the knobs with Soundtoys.

Control room: 35 sqm
Booth: 12 sqm
Live room: 35 sqm
Small booth: 2 sqm

Some of the new Italian: Audio Ribera, Tesla Audio, Side B Studio
Some of the classic: Westlake, Telefunken, Neve, Lomo, Studer
Other: Moog, Dave Smith, Audio Technica, Yamaha, Behringer, Fender, Gibson, Tc Helicon, Vermona, Arturia, Sound Toys, Fab Filter, PSP Audioware, Baby Audio, Pro Tools, Ableton, Akai, and so on…

Full Equipment List: please DM on Instagram


Ufomammut, Alessandro Cattelan (X-Factor, Radio DeeJay),  SayTwine (Alessio Cavalazzi), Trio Cavalazzi, Ryan Boesch (Foo Fighters, Eels), Ave Quasàr, Torchio, Conal Doyle, Blu Dot, Walter Somà (Edda, Il Vocifero), Dado Bargioni, Formicola, Giorgio Ciccarelli (Afterhours, SUX!), Giovanni Succi (Bachi Da Pietra), Hattori Hanzo, Kundalino, Sintomi di gioia, Mosto, MUR, Filippo D’Erasmo, Stefano Zannini, Suicide Force, The Inspector, The Brand, Raffaele Rebaudengo (Gnu Quartet) , Lino Gitto (The Winstons, Dellera, Gianluca De Rubertis), Marella Motta, Jacopo Mazza, Yuzna, Sebastiano De Gennaro, Onze Raizes, Lorenzo Stecconi, Ensemble Testori, Terroir, Mood Film, Kobayashi Edizioni Musicali, Karin Selva


Luca Grossi
Role: Le Visionnaire
Skills: composer, producer, mix and mastering engineer, sound designer.
He received an MA degree from DAMS in Turin, he specialized as a sound engineer at Musiclab. He is a creative multi-instrumentalist.
He runs the independent record label OHIMEME

Fausto Franchini
Role: Der Erfinder
Skills: composer, producer, designer, prototyper
Fausto received his MA Degree from Turin Politecnico in Electrical Engineering. He is a composer, a creative multi-instrumentalist, an inventor. Fausto has an inquisitive mind. He is envolved in creative coding.

*Luca e Fausto are part of the project Ave Quasàr

Daniela Ferretti
Role: Karma Guru
Skills: Angel Investor



We design and make prototype

Some gear as: head amp, power amp, binaural mic
Unique gear for unique sound


Relax and Be Creative

Visit us on AIRBNB
1h from Milan Malpensa, Turin and Genoa Airports